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Where does the money go?

Those doing harm to the framework or our nation are organized and well-funded and we are not… this needs to change.

Though our vision is to unite a large network of volunteers, an effective initiative must utilize professional services that cost money. For example, printed materials, paid advertising, and reliable logistical management personnel working behind the scenes, all have costs associated with them.

The birth, organization and the launch of this initiative have been covered and are already in motion. Our calling is clear, and we have obediently to that calling, in taking the first steps.

Your donations will give us a greater reach in a shorter amount of time. Your partnership will assist us with the associated costs required to facilitate an effective change.

The Stand In The Gap Initiative IS NOT a 501c3 (Non-Profit). We do not wish to proceed under the Federal oversight and restrictions that accompany that path. Therefore, contributions are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please prayerfully consider supporting our efforts. Thank you

A storm is coming... Let's weather it together

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